This post is about an accident that occurred in Jeffersonton VA at the intersection of Rixeyville Road and Springs Road on June 19, 2015. The photos above document the accident scene when the Fire and Rescue company was providing their services. The driver of the the black car (not identified by name in the Facebook posts below) sustained injuries to the right leg, consisting of two breaks below the knee and a broken right ankle, along with various cuts, scrapes, bruises. That driver was released from Fairfax hospital on June 23, 2015. That driver was issued a summons for running the stop sign at the intersection where the accident occurred. The red car was driven by the Little Fork Volunteer Fire and Rescue member mentioned in the text below.

The following text is from three posts on the Little Fork Volunteer Fire and Rescue Facebook page, posted by Chief Doug Monaco:

June 20, 2015 – Yesterday morning one of our members who had spent the night staffing the station left to go home. Adam Thomas was traveling north bound on Rixeyville Road when another vehicle struck him head on in his lane. Upon arrival we found that Adam had self extricated himself and hearing the other driver yelling for help tried to assist her. He collapsed in the road way and could not reach her. We found that the other driver was trapped in her vehicle and had significant injuries. Command was established, a helicopter was summoned and we began treatment on both drivers and extrication was performed. We transported Adam to Fauquier and the other driver was airlifted to the Fairfax Hospital trauma center. Adam was later transferred by the same helicopter to Fairfax with a broken back. We would like to thank the other responding stations that assisted with transport and the LZ set up. Ambulance 9-1, Ambulance 9-2, Rescue Engine 9, Rescue 9 responded from Little Fork.

June 20, 2015 – Update on yesterdays incident. Fire Fighter Adam Thomas was taken into surgery at Fairfax Hospital late last night. The operation took a little over 8 hours. He woke up a few minutes ago and can now receive visitors for very short time frames. He also has the ability to receive emails, so feel free to write to him. From what we understand there will be a long rehabilitation time. We should note that even though he had a broken back he tried to assist the other driver who was trapped in the other vehicle. He went as far as he could before collapsing due to severe hip pain. We would like to thank all of our responding members who put their personal feelings aside and provided a high level of professional care during this incident.

June 22, 2015 – We visited Adam Thomas at Fairfax Hospital last night. Great news!! Adam will be released today and will be heading home. Please feel free to connect with him via; email, text, phone or a visit (I would call first). He is doing much better and will begin physical therapy after allowing the injury to heal over the next three months!
We would like to thank everyone who offered assistance and support to both Adam and our providers during this unfortunate incident!!! We greatly appreciate the response from individuals, fire and rescue stations and TLAER organizations…there are too many to list.