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People For Pets Fundraiser Scheduled

People For Pets Rummage Sale

People For Pets Rummage Sale

Local Charitable Group Awarded $2500 Grant from Petco Foundation

Story from Culpeper Star-Exponent Newspaper Dated March 15, 2015

Editor’s note:

The newspaper story was too large to scan and reduce to fit this website and be legible, so there was some rudimentary “cut and paste” going on. Apologies for the lack of “polish” that we would like to have on the website. In order to allow the users of this website to be able to read the story, it is being formatted as a “slideshow.” Again, apologies for any inconvenience that may cause.

The Headline from the Culpeper Star-Exponent Read:

Jeffersonton Group gets $2500 grant from Petco Foundation

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