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Jeffersonton Community Center Calendar of Events released

Calendar of events (free clip art)

Calendar of events (free clip art)

The Jeffersonton Community Center released their Calendar of Events this week for the fourth quarter of the year.

Correction: November 7th Beginner Zumba is supposed to read Beginner Yoga.

Paper copies of the calendar can be picked up at the Jeffersonton Community Center, or can be downloaded from this website. The PDF version (downloadable) is provided below for your convenience:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

For information on any event, contact:

Loni Colvin, JCC President at 540-222-1180

Barb Thomson, JCC Treasurer

Marcy Bade, Ruritans President

The Jeffersonton Community Center – a meeting place for the Community

Jeffersonton Community Center

Jeffersonton Community Center

The Jeffersonton Community Center is the heart and soul of Jeffersonton. There is a large meeting room, a fully equipped kitchen, restrooms, and the post office! It is available to be rented out for parties, club meetings, business meetings, etc.

The following is a blurb about the Jeffersonton Community Center that is planned to be included in a community survey that will be released in the near future:

Welcome to the Jeffersonton Community. The Community Center houses our neighborhood post office. It is a home to the Ruritans and other community services such as girl scouts, Zumba, Boy Scouts, Garden Club and Old Peoples Riding Club. It is available for rent for $200.00 for non-members and $125.00 for members. Many of the paid activities are offered at reduced rates for members as well. Membership is open to all area residents aged 18 and older. You are invited and encouraged to join! We hope you actively participate in and enjoy its activities.

The Country Ham Dinner occurs in October; the Turkey Shoots occur every Friday in the Fall and Winter; the Halloween Party occurs in late October and the Breakfasts occur the 2nd Saturday of each month until further notice.

Membership is $10.00 a year per person or $50.00 a person for a lifetime membership. These dues are payable in September at the Membership meeting. We are always looking for members and especially need your help in volunteering for the various activities we have to offer.

Will there be a Homework WiFi Cafe in Jeffersonton? Maybe…. Maybe not….

Jeffersonton Village Sign

Jeffersonton Village Sign

This is a brief overview of a possible Homework WiFi Cafe in Jeffersonton VA. To express an interest in the Homework WiFi Cafe, please email

The publisher of this website, Linda Bradshaw, is spearheading the campaign to bring this service to Jeffersonton. If you are able to assist with the planning, implementation, or donations, please contact her at

The purpose of the WiFi Café is to provide high-speed Internet Access to local high school students that are unable to get high-speed access at their homes. The primary intent of the Café would be for these high school students to perform assigned homework and college research/application, college scholarship research/applications. There is a possibility that college students that live locally but commute to a local community college such as Germanna, or LFCC would also be able to benefit from this WiFi Café.

WiFi image (free clip art)

WiFi image (free clip art)

The area served would be Jeffersonton, Rixeyville, Amissville VA. The intended location for the Café is the Jeffersonton Community Center, 5073 Jeffersonton Rd, Jeffersonton VA 22724.

So far, much of the leg work in determining feasibility is completed. High speed Internet access can be installed at the Jeffersonton Community Center. The Community Center has agreed to allow the Café to be housed there. Arrangements for refurbished laptops to be donated to the Café have been made. Culpeper School Transportation has agreed that students will be allowed to get off of the school bus(es) at the Community Center (with parents permission.)

Funding sources may include sponsorship/donations from area businesses/colleges, and registration fees collected from the students. Also there is at least one philanthropic group that MAY donate some money if I can come up with a good business plan to present to them with the application (work in progress.)

Answers to FAQs

The Café’ would NOT be available to students that do not have valid homework/research reasons to be there. The Café at this time is not planned to be open to students under the class rank of 11th grade. (This may be modified in the future.) This is NOT a social program, and socializing is NOT the intent.

There are many things still needing to be worked out, many questions yet to answer, but here is a brief review of what the “target plan” would look like. Please be aware that this is a work “in progress” and these details are subject to change.

This will not be a “drop-in” situation where kids can just show up. They will need to be registered, with legal permission and authorization signed by their parents. There will be a Code of Conduct and a Code of Ethics, and a Waiver of Liability signed by both the student and the parents, and violations will not be tolerated.

Registered students would come to the Café after school, either via school bus or their own transportation. The Café’ would NOT be responsible for students getting home after closing hours. (Closing hours are still to be determined.) Proposed hours would be Monday – Thursday 3:30 – 6pm. (These hours are NOT SET IN STONE.) Students getting home will be the responsibility of the parent(s.)

Students may bring their own laptops if they have them. Plans are being made to have some laptops there on site for students to use only while on site, so students can simply bring USB thumb drives with them for file storage. The “on site” laptops will be locked up when not being used, and students will have to “check out” the laptops when they arrive at the Café. These laptops will be set up with educational-use software and restrictions on them that prevent misuse and abuse of the privileges of using them at the Café. There are tables, chairs, and electrical outlets at the Community Center for the students to set-up and work.

There is a kitchen, and rest-rooms on site, and part of the proposal includes having an adult on the premises to control the check-in and check-out of the laptops, act as proctor for the students, and to oversee a snack bar. Snacks may be available for a price. (Details to be worked out.)

The Café would NOT be a tutoring service. The Café would NOT be FREE, however rates have not been determined. The point of this Café is to provide easy access to students that need high-speed Internet access, it is NOT based on serving a specific economic group. (Although need-based grants may be something in the whole of it after it gets more momentum and more financial backing from the local community.) Having said that, the Café is not planned to be run for-profit, and the fees charged (if any) will only be enough to cover the operating costs of the program, expansion costs of the program, and will be run by volunteers as much as humanly possible. We may have to hire employees to run the snack bar, and oversee the Café during the open hours, but there will NOT be a highly paid “President” or “CEO” – the point is to help our students, not to line our pockets!

Concealed Weapons Classes to be held at Jeffersonton Community Center

Gun Concealed Weapons course

Gun Concealed Weapons course

For more information go to

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