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Jeffersonton Resident Involved In Automobile Accident on Rixeyville Road, Charged with Possession of Marijuana

Volkswagon driven by Mark R. Mederos

Volkswagon driven by Mark R. Mederos

Press release from Culpeper Sheriff’s Department:

At about 12:23 a.m. Wednesday, October 29, 2014, Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an auto accident with injuries in the 8500 block of Rixeyville Road. Deputy Scott Yeiser was the first to arrive and investigated the accident, which left a Volkswagen sedan in the middle of the road and a GMC pickup in a ditch off the northbound side.

GMC pickup driven by Stuart A Dodson

GMC pickup driven by Stuart A Dodson

Yeiser found that Mark R. Mederos, 21, of Amissville, ran off the road, then overcorrected, causing the sedan he was driving to overturn multiple times before stopping in the middle of the road. Mederos got out of the vehicle with a head wound. The driver of the pickup, Stuart A. Dodson, 26, of Jeffersonton, was heading northbound on 229 and struck the Volkswagen. Yeiser inspected the damage to both vehicles before they were towed and saw a marijuana grinder in the passenger compartment of the GMC.

Dodson was charged with possession of marijuana. Mederos was treated at Fauquier Hospital and charged with reckless driving. Both were released on a summons.


  1. Please post a picture of the driver’s side of the Jetta, where the truck crashed. The impact could have killed Mark Mederos if he had still been in the car. Mark Mederos swerved to avoid hitting a DEER and rolled his car. A minute after exiting his car, the truck hit the driver’s side of the car. The truck driver REFUSED medical treatment. He was charged ONLY with possession of marijuana. There were THREE cars in the middle of the road and he NEVER slowed down? WHY?? A NORMAL person would have slowed down and looked to see what was going on, not continue at 55 MPH without slowing down. The truck ended 100 feet down the road in a ditch after hitting the Jetta per the tow truck driver.

    Mark Mederos should not have received a reckless driving for avoiding a DEER. The truck driver should have gotten more than a possession of marijuana charge. He could have killed Mark Mederos, if he had still been in the car.

    • Thank you for your comment. The story published was a press release provided by the police department. We have not been informed of any other summons written to the truck driver. Sad to hear the circumstances. Deers certainly cause their share of accidents! (A suicidal deer recently attacked one of our cars a few weeks ago, causing several thousand dollars worth of damage! Sadly, the deer did not survive that meeting, fortunately no humans suffered injuries, and other vehicles in the vicinity were able to avoid contact with the car, its passengers, or the deer. However, many cars just drive past the scene at 55 mph as well, not even slowing down! Sad commentary about people being not being willing to stop and inquire if anyone needs help!) Sorry to learn of the resulting circumstances following the deer strike! So glad to learn that Mr. Mederos was able to leave his vehicle before it was struck by the truck! Hopefully Mr. Mederos will go to court and plead his case to the judge and have the charges dismissed!

      • Could you add a follow up to the article, that he swerved to avoid a stag deer. People think he was just exceeding the speed limit driving reckless. They do not know the full story. He had his cruise control on at 55, so he was not speeding before he tired to avoid the deer.

        Last year my son killed a deer and did 5k damage to an SUV. He came home crying he was so upset about it a quarter mile from where this happened. He obviously subconsciously tried to avoid going through that again.

        I would appreciate a follow up to add the deer information. Also encourage people to take extra care because deer rutting season is starting and it will get worse.

        I do not feel a reckless driving ticket is fair for trying to avoid a deer. Do they issue those to every person who tries to avoid hitting a deer?

  2. Desiree Sedgwick

    October 31, 2014 at 7:07 am

    Was the driver of the truck charged for failure to control his vehicle for hitting the car? It seems to me that he could have stopped, slowed down, and/or swerved.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      At this time we have not been given any further information by the police about this incident, or charges filed other than what was reported in the story. The story was essentially a “copy and paste” from a press release provided to us by the police department.

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