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Puppy Update – Puppy Returned To Owner

Richmond, the wayward and elusive Shih-Tzu puppy, has been captured and returned to his owner on Tuesday, August 8, thanks to the assistance of the Culpeper Animal Control Department. The Animal Control Center was kind enough to lend a Have-A-Heart trap to the efforts of returning Richmond to his owner.  Within a few hours, Richmond was safely inside the Have-A-Heart trap, the owner was notified, and within a few minutes, Richmond was back in the arms of his owner. Thanks so much to the Animal Control Department, for the use of the trap!

Missing Puppy Alert

Missing puppy alert – will provide photo if one becomes available.

Black and white male puppy, looks like a poodle, with curly hair and curly tail. Not sure of age, just know it is under a year old. About the size of a miniature poodle. Responds to the name “Richmond.” Might be reluctant to come to children, more used to being around adults, ran away from a new home that had kids.. Was lost from a home on Ferguson Lane, in Jeffersonton. The puppy’s collar was found Sunday on the pavement on Shadow Springs Court, in Jeffersonton. Been missing for about a week. May be trying to go back to previous owner’s house, in Warrenton. If you find the puppy, please let us know, and we will contact the previous owner, who is trying to find the puppy.

Have you seen Rosie? Reward being offered.



A reward is being offered (undisclosed amount) for the safe return of Rosie, a very friendly and sociable one year old Great Pyranees. Rosie is an un-neutered female, weighing about 65 pounds.

“Rosie” went missing on January 28th. She went exploring in the Clevenger’s Corner area, near the intersection of RTS 229 & 211. She may respond to the name “Girl.” She was not wearing a collar at the time that she wandered off, and has not been microchipped.

Rosie was possibly spotted on Springs Road near the Intersection of the Jeffersonton Road, near the Jeffersonton (VA) post office January 29th. There is also a report of a possible sighting on Myers Mill Road. If you spot/get her, please call 540-349-8700 or 478-397-8936.

Injured Stray Long Hair Black Cat Turned Over to Animal Control

From the webmaster, Linda Bradshaw. Reposted with permission from Linda’s personal blog:

Over the past several years, there has been a longish haired black cat roaming the Shadow Springs Ct/Jeffersonton Rd neighborhood. Nobody seems to know who owns it, but some of the neighbors have been feeding it, as it comes onto their porch and begs them for food. The cat is very friendly. There is a good chance that the owners of this lovely cat moved away – there has been a very high turnover of real estate in the area in the past few years.

Last night, after dark, I was returning home from visiting friends. I was entering the house through the garage door, and I saw the cat in the shadows nearby. At first I thought it was one of my cats (I own black cats) and I called out to it to come inside to eat dinner. The cat approached me, and as it got nearer, I realized that it was not my cat at all, and it was limping badly. Recognizing the cat as the friendly cat that my neighbors feed, I let it into the garage, and shut the door.

I called the neighbors that I knew fed the cat, and advised them that I had their cat, and it was injured. I told them that the cat needed to be taken to a vet for treatment. They said that they did not own the cat and that they would not take it to a vet. They said that they had not seen the cat for more than three days and they had assumed that I had taken it in. (Why, I don’t know….)

Not being able to afford to take every stray, injured animal that I see to the vet (the last one was last spring, and it cost thousands of dollars – and died anyway!) I told them that I couldn’t afford to take it to the vet myself. Again, they said that they would not take the cat to a vet and wished me luck.

I called the non-emergency number to the county Sheriff’s department and asked them to have animal control come get the cat and take it to a vet, and to the shelter. Animal control office had closed for the day, and they took down my name and number and said that someone would call me back.

Waiting for the return call, I went out to the garage and fed the cat. The cat was so hungry – it ate more food than I’ve ever seen a cat eat! The cat also drank all the water in the water bowl.

I fixed up a litter box and a bed for the cat, and filled the bowls with food and water again, and warned everyone in the house to stay out of the garage until animal control could come get the cat.

Animal control came out this morning to pick up the cat. The food and water bowls were completely empty again. The cat was so glad to see us! Came limping up to us as quick as it could get to us, and was rubbing up against our legs, wanting to be loved.

The lady from animal control told me that she was going to take the cat straight to the vet. She said that they would do everything they could to fix the cat up and then take the cat to the animal shelter. She agreed with me that this cat had, at one point, been somebody’s pet. When we picked the cat up, we realized that the cat was injured in more than one place, and the lady from animal control said that she thought that maybe the cat had been “hit.” The left front foot had an infected spot near a claw, and the cat was not using it’s rear left leg at all. She promised to keep me informed as to what they do for the cat. I hope they do, and I hope that the county decides to have the vet fix it instead of putting it down (due to expense.) I hope that someone adopts the cat and gives it a wonderful, loving home.

I am saddened that someone would have abandoned this cat, leaving it to fend for itself in the countryside.

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