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Culpeper Police Participate in National Click It or Ticket Campaign

Click it or ticket logo (provided by Culpeper Police Dept.)

Click it or ticket logo (provided by Culpeper Police Dept.)

Press Release Provided By Culpeper Police:

From May 23 to June 5, 2016, Virginia’s local law enforcement and Virginia State Police will participate in the national Click It or Ticket campaign in an effort to save lives through increased seat belt use. This enforcement period is in advance of and includes the Memorial Day holiday, one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

There were 310 unrestrained fatalities in Virginia last year, and 71 were recorded so far this year, between Jan. 1 and March 31, 2016. Nationally, 88.5 percent of passenger vehicle occupants buckled up last year, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), but almost 50 percent of fatal crash occupants were not restrained. In some states, the rate was as high as 70 percent unrestrained in fatal crashes. “This fact gravely highlights the need for increased enforcement and awareness of seat belt use,” said Chief Chris Jenkins.

Traffic Stop (photo provided by Culpeper Police Dept)

Traffic Stop (photo provided by Culpeper Police Dept)

“Time after time, we see the deadly results that come from drivers and passengers refusing to wear a seat belt,” Jenkins said. “Wearing a seat belt is one of the most important steps in increasing survivability in a crash. Our job is to stop those who are not buckled up and to keep them from repeating this potentially deadly mistake.”

Virginia’s statewide seat belt use rate was 80.9 percent in 2015, 77.3 percent in 2014, 79.7 percent in 2013 and 78.4 percent in 2012. The 310 unrestrained fatalities in Virginia last year represent 41 percent of the 753 total traffic fatalities.

“The numbers tell us that young males, many of them drinking and driving, are the ones not wearing seat belts and are dying on our roadways,” said Chief Jenkins. “We want to do everything we can to reach these people and save their lives.”

According to NHTSA, there were 9,385 unbuckled passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes in 2014 in the United States. Also in 2014, seat belts saved an estimated 12,802 people from dying nationwide. From 2010 to 2014 seat belts saved nearly 63,000 lives. If all passenger vehicle occupants age 5 and older involved in fatal crashes had worn their seat belts, an additional 2,814 lives could have been saved in 2014 alone.

Culpeper Police Officers will be conducting additional patrols during this campaign. Their goal is to enforce the traffic laws with a particular focus on occupant safety. The Culpeper Police Department asks everyone, “To buckle up and put the phone down while driving.”

Beware – IRS Scam can lead to SWATting

SWAT (free clip art)

SWAT (free clip art)

Press release from Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office:

Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office continues to receive reports of IRS scam operations, and Sheriff Scott Jenkins is warning residents that there is a new element to the scam: “swatting.”

The crime of “swatting” is making a hoax call to 9-1-1 to draw a response from law enforcement, usually a SWAT team, and CCSO had an incident of it this weekend, when deputies responded to an unfounded report of a person with a gun in the 14600 block of Carrico Mills Road at about 6 p.m. Friday, May 15, 2015. When deputies arrived, they found that the resident did not call 911, but they had received an IRS scam call in which the caller told them that they owed thousands of dollars to be brought immediately to a Washington, DC address or they would be arrested. When the victim told the caller they would borrow the money from their Police Officer friend, the call disconnected, and the caller sought revenge by reporting a person with a gun at the victim’s residence.

Residents are encouraged to report IRS scam calls to Culpeper dispatch (540.727.7900) so that dispatchers can give the additional information to responding deputies if they receive a subsequent “swatting” call.

As a reminder, the IRS reports that they will NEVER:
– call to demand immediate payment, nor will the agency call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill,
– demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe,
– require you to use a specific payment method for your taxes, such as a prepaid debit card,
– ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone, or
– threaten to bring in local police or other law-enforcement groups to have you arrested for not paying.

Caller ID “spoofing,” which allows the caller to adopt a fake phone number and/or name, may be another element of the operation, so residents should not automatically assume the information displayed in their caller ID accurately identifies the caller.

Juvenile Charged with Burglary in Culpeper

Culpeper Town Police patch

Culpeper Town Police patch

Press release from Culpeper Police:

Due to the age of the suspect, name and photograph are witheld.

On May 12, 2015, five homes in the 800 Block of Gallows Court in Culpeper were burglarized during daytime hours. There was no one home during each of these entries. Random items were removed during these events. There were no injuries that resulted from any of these incidents.

All of these houses had forced entry to gain access to the home’s interior. Extensive damage was done during entry, totaling in the hundreds of dollars. The suspect was able to spend time looking through the homes, prior to taking anything. Items taken from the houses include cash, electronics, and food.

Officer P. Siebel responded to the scene of three homes in the Gallows Court area at approximately 7:30 in the evening to begin the investigation. Master Police Officer Detective Richard Brooking, with the Criminal Investigations Section of the Culpeper Police Department, was called to the homes to process the scenes and collect evidence. Officers canvassed the area and interviewed witnesses. These interviews led to the development of a suspect.

The suspect, a 14 year old male, was interviewed and cooperated with the investigation. Based on the investigation, two additional homes were found to have been burglarized.

Detectives from the Culpeper Police Department executed a search warrant in the 800 Block of Gallows Court. This search warrant resulted in the recovery of several items that had been reported stolen during the burglaries.

Detectives have obtained several petitions for the juvenile. These include five counts of breaking and entering and two counts of grand larceny.

“Thanks to the citizens for being observant to their surroundings and communicating information to the officers on scene. Their observations led to the development of the suspect,” said Chief Chris R. Jenkins.

This investigation is still active and ongoing.

Anyone with additional information involving this incident is encouraged to contact Detective Richard Brooking at 540-829-5504 or to remain anonymous Culpeper Crime Solvers at 540-727-0300.

Police reports Feb. 25-March 3 that include local residents

Culpeper Sheriff's badge (free clip art)

Culpeper Sheriff’s badge (free clip art)

Information obtained from:
Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office, Feb. 25-March 3:

Feb. 25
Marcus Emmett Dean, 38, Jeffersonton, assault and battery-family
George William Hill, 48, Rhoadesville, assist other agency, DUI
Paul David Asero, 18, Jeffersonton, violate protective orders

Feb. 26
Guy Wesley Merritt, IV, 23, Amissville, possession of marijuana
Nicholas Cain Pullen, 19, Etlan, fail to appear

Feb. 27
James Bernard Franklin, 37, Brandy Station, contempt of court
Jeremy Burnett Adams, 30, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language
John Wayne Christoph Holt, 18, Culpeper, taking indecent liberties with child
Crystian Aureliano Lopez, 21, Culpeper, driving w/suspended or revoked license, sale, distribute marijuana

Feb. 28
Towanda Raye Harris-Thomas, 41, Culpeper, fail to appear on felony charge
Holly Renee Panos, 20, Culpeper, probation violation
Carla Tennille Medley, 27, Rixeyville, assault and battery-simple
Michael Wesley Jenkins, 23, Sterling, violate condition of release, possession of controlled substances, monument: intentional damage, assault and battery-simple

March 1
Matthew Alan Coffey, 39, Culpeper, fail to appear on civil matter

March 2
Sharon Kay Washington, 47, Mitchell, fail to appear
Tikis Lavarr Gales, 37, Culpeper, arrest prior to requisition, fugitive arrest
Tiffiney Evonne Swann, 27, Culpeper, possession of marijuana
Olegario Martinez, 53, Hyattsville, Md., fail to appear

March 3
Richard Daniel Peters, Jr., 35, Culpeper, probation: violation on felony charge
Culpeper Police Department, Feb. 25-March 3:

Feb. 25
Kenneth Wayne Murray, 26, Fredericksburg, possession of controlled substances
Garrett Obrien Portela, 21, Manassas, fail to appear on felony charge
Haron Lamar Bland, 27, Culpeper, shoplift alter price/conceal – goods

Feb. 26
Austin Everett Peck, 19, Culpeper, grand larceny
Santos Lopez-Perez, 34, Culpeper, no drivers license, driving under the influence of alcohol, drinking while operating motor vehicle
Janette Louise Grayson Yates, 27, Warrenton, shoplift alter price/conceal – goods
Heather Lyn Tyler, 30, Culpeper, fail to appear on misdemeanor charge, fail to appear
Nikki Ann Breeden, 21, Fredericksburg, fail to appear
Richard Leon Grayson Yates, 35, Warrenton, shoplift alter price/conceal – goods

Feb. 27
Larry Lee Williams, 49, Culpeper, unlawful filming or photographing of another, unlawful dissemination or sale of images of another
Shawn Lang Walker, 35, Culpeper, fail to appear on misdemeanor charge
Valerie Tuel, 35, Culpeper, manuf., sale, possession controlled substance
Thaddaeus Seth Mason, 26, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language
Kristina Lynn Cole, 28, Culpeper, contempt of court
Manika Lynn Roach, 35, Rhoadesville, revocation of suspended sentence and probation
John Samuel Marrs Jr., 59, Madison, assault and battery-police officer or firefighter, resisting arrest
Stephen Douglas, 29, Culpeper, petit larceny
Geraldo Lopez-Juarez, 22, Culpeper, driving under the influence of alcohol

Feb. 28
Joseph Warren Jones, Sr., 51, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language
James Edward Eleazer Jr., 20, Culpeper, embezzlement
Michael Edward Proctor, 51, Culpeper, fail to appear on misdemeanor charge
Desmond Alexander Marshall, 22, Culpeper, possession of marijuana
Alexander Hunton Burke, 26, Culpeper, possession of controlled substances, possess or distribute controlled paraphernalia
Cody Steven Fry, 22, Danville, driving under the influence of alcohol

March 1
David Franklin Brown, 48, Culpeper, drunk in public, profane language
Jesse Lorenzo Aguilar, 21, Culpeper, fail to pay fines, costs or penalties

March 2
Kenneth Duane Pennington, 62, Centreville, fail to appear
Katrina Marie Sebeckis, 33, Lawrenceville, possession of controlled substances
Melissa L. Lambert, 36, Jeffersonton, obtaining money by false pretenses
Anthony Othello Newman, 45, Culpeper, fail to appear
Douglas Edward Taylor Jr., 46, Madison, fail to appear on felony charge
Diamonec Adoulpus Tibbs, 27, Orange, fail to appear

March 3
Falecia Dawn Bright, 25, Rixeyville, possession of controlled substances, trespass
Samantha Starr Marks, 24, Woodville, forging, uttering, obtaining drugs by fraud, false statement to obtain property
Adam Joseph Fetter, 34, Vienna, revocation of suspended sentence and probation
Jeffrey Scott Martz, II, 22, Madison, shoplift alter price/conceal – goods
Charvez Ray Robinson, 26, Culpeper, stolen goods: buy/receive, larceny
Evelin Martinez Castillo, 24, Unionville, fail to appear

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