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Website Closing

This website will be closing sometime between now and the end of August, 2017. No specific date has been set. The webmaster extends best wishes to all of it’s followers.

August SHARE Food Network Menu Released

SHARE August 2017 Menu

SHARE August 2017 Menu

The August 2017 Menu for SHARE Food has been released.

This is a great way to save money on food – and you do not have to disclose income. You do not need to be receiving food stamps. The food is top-quality. If you are not taking advantage of this opportunity to get good food for little money, it is a crying shame!

Notes: The “Order Turn-In Date” is the Day that the Co-ordinators have to phone their order in. To ensure that you get your order in on time, please place your order the Day BEFORE! The “D” Dates are the dates that orders can be picked up in some (but not all) locations. The Culpeper/Fauquier areas only have “D” dates on Saturdays.

Notes: prices on this flyer do NOT include a surcharge for the Culpeper/Fauquier areas to offset the price of gasoline for the volunteer drivers who use their personal vehicles to drive to the warehouse to pick up the shipment to bring to the local host sites.

When you place your order, please check with the coordinator for the appropriate pick-up time for the location you will be using, and the actual surcharge.

There are three local distribution locations near the Jeffersonton VA area where area residents can pick up their food orders:


Amissville United Methodist Church
14760 Lee HWY
Amissville VA
Barbara 540-937-2693

Liberty United Methodist Church
10513 Old Marsh Rd
Bealeton VA
Liz 540-273-5695 or Winona 540-439-1039

Bread of Life Ministries
405 Sperryville Pike
Culpeper, VA

Puppy Update – Puppy Returned To Owner

Richmond, the wayward and elusive Shih-Tzu puppy, has been captured and returned to his owner on Tuesday, August 8, thanks to the assistance of the Culpeper Animal Control Department. The Animal Control Center was kind enough to lend a Have-A-Heart trap to the efforts of returning Richmond to his owner.  Within a few hours, Richmond was safely inside the Have-A-Heart trap, the owner was notified, and within a few minutes, Richmond was back in the arms of his owner. Thanks so much to the Animal Control Department, for the use of the trap!

Missing Puppy Alert

Missing puppy alert – will provide photo if one becomes available.

Black and white male puppy, looks like a poodle, with curly hair and curly tail. Not sure of age, just know it is under a year old. About the size of a miniature poodle. Responds to the name “Richmond.” Might be reluctant to come to children, more used to being around adults, ran away from a new home that had kids.. Was lost from a home on Ferguson Lane, in Jeffersonton. The puppy’s collar was found Sunday on the pavement on Shadow Springs Court, in Jeffersonton. Been missing for about a week. May be trying to go back to previous owner’s house, in Warrenton. If you find the puppy, please let us know, and we will contact the previous owner, who is trying to find the puppy.

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